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6-month Medical
Weight Loss Program

We have the cutting-edge Seca mBCA 555

Body Composition Analyzer!

We can accurately assess your muscle mass, fat mass, and water composition, enabling us to track your progress more effectively and make informed decisions about your health and wellness.

seca_555_554__257_ (1).png

Our 6-month program is structured into three distinct tiers, each tailored to accommodate varying levels of engagement and support needs. 

**Early Bird Discount**:


Enroll by December 1st to receive a 5% discount on any tier of the program. This is a wonderful opportunity to commit to your health and wellness at a great value.

*Monthly payment plans also available


Core Transformation Plan ($1,194*)

This tier is perfect for those seeking a flexible, remote option. It consists of monthly virtual consultations with Dr. Tui including anti-obesity medication management depending on your insurance coverage and personalized diet plans. You will also receive handouts covering a range of topics. Participants also gain access to our online support community.


Essential Vitality Program ($2,094*)

For more hands-on support, this tier includes everything in the previous tier PLUS weekly group coaching sessions via Zoom with your certified health coach and access to our online community. You will also receive 3 complimentary body composition analyses using the cutting edge Seca mBCA 555 machine.


Ultimate Transformation Program ($3,294*)

Our most comprehensive tier includes everything in the previous tiers in addition to monthly one-on-one sessions with your personal health coach, 6 complimentary body composition analyses, comprehensive labs included, priority access to all resources, and an exclusive gift package.

Get your free guide.

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